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Sometimes life happens and we need to see a doctor immediately. You can search Google for a “walk in clinic near me” and you will find the best options in your current location. These types of clinics serve a need when your regular family doctor cant see you of his office is closed like at night, weekends or holidays. Walk in clinics treat all kinds of medical issues like cuts, breaks, infections, and pain. They will refill prescriptions, perform different types of physicals ( pre-operative, pre-employment, and sports) and help you get back to life quickly and efficiently. There are pros and cons to visiting a walk in clinic and you will need to decide if going to one is right for you.


  • No appointment necessary
  • Most insurances are accepted
  • Located in most towns and cities
  • Often staffed by emergency room personnel
  • Labs on-site
  • Extended hours
  • X Rays are usually on site


  • The providers don’t know your medical history
  • Care can be slightly more expensive than a primary care office
  • Wait times can be longer than a primary care office
  • May have limited access to previous medical records
  • You may still need to go to an ER if they cant treat your condition
walk in clinic near me

With over 11,000 walk in clinics located in the US, many people choose this option for its convenience alone, but others may find the need for a walk in clinic while traveling. These clinics are staffed by either physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants or a combination of both. Here are a few things you can do to get ready for your visit to a walk in clinic:

  • Bring State or Federal ID
  • Bring a list of your medications
  • Bring your insurance card or form of payment
  • Be prepared for a potentially longer wait than at your own doctor’s office ( Book, phone or tablet can help pass the time)
  • Dress comfortably and if injured, be able to easily expose the body part easily.
  • Bring a list of allergies
  • Have your primary doctors office contact information
walk in clinic
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