Call Us Today for a Bend Travel Medicine Consultation. Travel is one of the most beautiful and fulfilling activities one can experience. The wonders of cultures and landscapes other than those you see on a daily basis can be simply breathtaking.

Wherever you are planning on traveling to, you will most likely need a Bend travel medicine consultation which includes consideration of required vaccines and written proof of your vaccination status. While it is possible that you already have the vaccines for endemic illnesses (such as yellow fever, malaria, and typhoid) from past travel experiences, you will want to verify this information and determine if any up-dates are required.

Why Do I Need These Vaccines?

Some countries require verification of your vaccination status in order to enter. However, while other countries do not require this, getting these vaccines is still something that you want to do.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) strongly encourages making sure that you have been vaccinated against certain illnesses prior to traveling to countries where these illnesses are still prevalent. A Bend Travel Medicine Consultation can help ensure your travel plans a re safe and fulfilling.

How Do I Get Vaccinated?

If you don’t have your vaccinations up-to-date, there is a simple process that you can follow to increase the likelihood that you will have a safe trip, free from endemic illnesses. Mountain Medical Urgent Care is available to help ensure this!

The clinic can be phoned on the number 541-388-7799 or through the contact form below. Mountain Medical recommends that you make your appointment for a date that is four to six weeks previous to your departure date. Please forward all yours questions or concerns that you may have to us.

Mountain Medical’s Bend Travel Medicine Clinic will provide you with specific information from the CDC about the country/countries that you will be traveling to. In addition, Mountain Medical will be able to give you the Proper Immunization Documents for the vaccines that you receive at the Bend Clinic. Traveler’s diarrhea prescriptions can also be discussed with your health professional and written if needed.

Which Vaccine(s) Do I Need?

In order to know which vaccines you may need for your travels, check in with your travel agent or check out the CDC website for more information on the country/countries that you will be visiting.

Mountain Medical Urgent Care asks that you bring specific requirements regarding your travel agent’s recommendations to your appointment, please.

Mountain Medical carries all of the necessary vaccines for entry into every African, South American, Near, and Far East Nation.

What Do I Need to Bring to My Appointment?

The Bend Travel Medicine Clinic asks that you please remember to bring the following information and items with you to your visit:

  • List of current prescriptions
  • List of countries and cities you may be visiting
  • The duration of your visit to each location on your itinerary
  • Photo identification
  • Insurance information
  • Method of payment
  • Previous immunization records

Have a Successful Trip

In order to avoid the headache of potentially being stopped by Border Patrol and refused entry into your chosen country/countries, schedule your consultation with Mountain Medical’s Bend Travel Medicine Clinic today. Expert physicians will be waiting to help you!

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