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As part of Mountain Medical Urgent Care’s commitment to provide excellent health care, our practice is open 6 days a week from 7am to 7pm with no appointment necessary.  We fit your health care needs to your schedule, not ours.


Our Bend Urgent Care Clinic is the perfect place to seek medical care when you aren’t able to see your primary care or specialty medical provider, and you don’t think you need to be in the emergency room. Injuries and acute illnesses are our specialty. If you aren’t sure if an Urgent Care is the right place for your medical needs, you can read this article entitled: Urgent Care Vs Emergency Room.

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According to the American Academy of Urgent Care (AAUCM): ” Urgent Care Medicine is the provision of immediate medical service offering outpatient care for the treatment of acute and chronic illness and injury. It requires a broad and comprehensive fund of knowledge to provide such care. Excellence in care for patients with complex and or unusual conditions is founded on the close communication and collaboration between the urgent care medicine physician, the specialists and the primary physicians.”

Urgent care center medicine is not intended to replace a primary care physician. An urgent care clinic is an invaluable solution for urgent medical needs when a primary care provider is unavailable: on vacation vs booked schedule vs on maternity leave vs suffering from illness, etc. Urgent care can also fill in for those issues that occur outside of your doctor’s regular office hours like after 5pm or weekends and holidays.It can also be a faster more convenient way to seek medical care than waiting for hours upon hours in your local emergency room.

Common problems treated in an Urgent Care clinic are things like: lacerations, broken bones, dislocations, viral illnesses, urinary tract infections, low back pain, foreign bodies, eye complaints, and suture removal. Problems that often require emergency room attention are: chest Pain, seizures, loss of consciousness, head injuries, stokes, loss of vision, and major motor vehicle accidents. Use your best judgement on where to go, but always err on the side of caution as its best to end up at a higher level of care center than being tolsd your serious condition needs to be treated else where. You can always call of triage service 2541-388-7788 to discuss your condition and our ability to care for you.

Bend Urgent Care

Bend Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic that offers immediate medical care services to patients of all ages. When you can’t get in to see your regular doctor, come to Mountain Medical Urgent Care. We can treat you the same day!

Bend Urgent Care: Know Where and When to Go

The general public can confuse urgent care with emergency care. In many ways our Bend Urgent Care Center (UCC) is similar to your primary care physician, but differs in that typically the UCC can provide services not usually offer in a family medicine office:  Xrays onsite, laceration repairs ,and casting.

Remember, Bend urgent Care is not a substitute for your primary care provider, but we can offer medication refills depending on the type and quantity of medication requested. However, we typically will not refill another provider’s controlled substance prescription, medications like narcotics and benzodiazepines should be refilled by the original prescriber. Please do not assume that these types of medications will be refilled by visiting an Urgent Care Center. Our Bend Urgent Care Center is open for extended hour from 7am-7pm Monday-Saturday.

Urgent Care

Bend Urgent Care Center is not only quicker than an emergency room, its less expensive too. The cost of treatment at our Urgent Care, depending upon the ailment an be 30-60% less expensive than your local emergency room. This also frees up space and manpower to help treat those that truly need a higher level of care. Studies suggest that 27% of issues dealt with in an ER could effectively be treated at an urgent care clinic like Mountain Medical Urgent Care. This mismatch in absolute need vs care costs our nation close to 4.4 billion dollars annually. Read More: How Many Emergency Department Visits Could be Managed at Urgent Care Centers and Retail Clinics?

FAQs: How to prepare for your visit to our Bend Urgent Care Clinic?

  1. Bring Photo ID
  2. If having any physical or cognitive disruption of your faculties, bring someone with you. Don’t drive.
  3. Bring your insurance identification.
  4. Have a copy of your medical problems and medications.
  5. Have a list of your doctors ( primary and specialists) names and numbers.
  6. Have a brief concise idea of your medical issue and what’s bothering you.
  7. Be prepared to ask for a Work Excuse, if needed, before you leave.
  8. Let your provider know if you are from out of town, they can guide you on pharmacy and medical supply locations.

Urgent Care

A number of medical conditions that can be treated at Mountain Medical Urgent Care Center are listed below:

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