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Bend Suboxone Clinic is our medical division that treats addiction as an outpatient.

Opiate addiction is the number one cause of accidental deaths in America outnumbering car accidents in most major metro ares, and its reaching epidemic proportions in many of our towns and communities.

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Medication Assisted Treatment saves lives while utilizing medication like Buprenorphine and Naltrexone to treat the addiction which controls cravings and prevent s overdoses. This medication, Suboxone,  in combination with professional counseling and intensive psychological care is often the right combination to help individuals take back control of their lives and repair relationships, one step at a time.


MAT Effectiveness

According to the US government, in 2018, over 2 million people had an opioid use disorder (OUD). Opiates are found in prescribed pain killers and herion. Today, many heroin users began their habit using a prescription narcotic like Percocet, Norco, or MS Contin. When the availability of those prescriptions wain, individuals often turn to a cheaper alternative, heroin.

MAT can be provided by Bend Suboxone Clinic, and is an evidenced based treatment shown to be clinically effective in academically conducted research studies. When prescribed properly, the combination of intensive physiological interventions with Suboxone has clearly shown to be superior to other modes of addiction treatment.

Because Suboxone can be prescribed by wavered physicians in the community, individuals with OUD can avoid costly and lengthy inpatient hospital stays. This translates to them remaining employed and engaged socially and with their families. MAT is a customized medical approach to Opiate Use Disorder that employs a powerfully effective medication, prevents overdose, and keeps people engaged and employed. It is not for everyone, of course, and your Bend Suboxone clinician will help determine the right plan for your situation.

The ultimate goal of MAT is full recovery.  Meaning returning to a full life composed of work, family and social engagements. Often after years of stability, the medication can be weaned slowly so that some individuals can be complety free from any form of opiate medication. MAT as a treatment approach can:

  1. Improve patient survival.
  2. Reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.
  3. Avoiding incarceration
  4. Individuals attain long term sobriety.
  5. Increase the chances of gainful employment.
  6. Improve birth outcomes among pregnant women.

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