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Sometimes even the best dogs have a bad day.

Dog bites are a very common occurrence and can cause anything from a mild skin tear to a sever wound requiring surgery. Dog’s teeth are very sharp and powerful and can rip and crush the skin’s surface and underlying tissue. These types on injuries often create a very jagged type of wound that is difficult to repair and often leave a scar.

If a Dog Bites You, Do These 6 Things Now – Cleveland Clinic

One of the major complications of a dog bite is bacterial infection of the wound. 50% of dog bites infect the affected tissue with various types of bacteria: staphylococcus, streptococcus, pasteurella, as well as capnocytophaga. In feral unvaccinated dogs, rabies can also be a concern. Its best to discuss these types of wounds with a medical professional at a Bend Urgent Care.

When to go to Urgent Care?

  • If the dog is unknown to you or is acting strange
  • if the wound looks infected
  • If the wound wont stop bleeding
  • If the wound is exposing bone, tendons, or muscle
  • If a fever develops
  • If the bite involves a joint
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How are Dog Bites Treated?

  • The wound should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water
  • Your tetanus vaccine should be kept up to date
  • Sometimes the wound will be repaired with sutures
  • Often the urgent care doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat or prevent infections

How to prevent dog bites?

  • Avoid approaching , touching or playing with any dog who is sleeping, eating, chewing on a toy or caring for puppies. Animals are more likely to bite if they’re frightened or caring for young.
  • Don’t approach unknown dogs off leash
  • Always ask an owner’s permission before touching or approaching a dog
  • Avoid running from a dog, this increase their predatory drive

Dog bites are reported to animal control authorities and your doctor may recommend the rabies vaccination series, antibiotics and a tetanus update. If you need additional information, Call Us Today at 541-388-7799.