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What is an Abscess?

Abscess Treatment can often be accomplished in your local Bend Urgent Care. An abscess is an inflamed, swollen, red, painful, and often pus containing mass. They are almost always associated with a bacterial infection and can occur anywhere on or in the body: skin, organs and other tissue. But often occur in the groin, armpits, vagina, and other gland rich secreting areas. Unlike most infections, antibiotics alone will often not be enough to cure this condition as they require a surgical procedure called “Incise and Drainage” or I&D.

Abscess Incision and Drainage (I&D) - Guide to YKHC Medical Practices

What causes an abscess?

They are often caused when the body’s natural skin barrier is broken down and opens up an opportunity for bacteria to enter under the skin’s surface. The bacteria then begins to multiply causing swelling, redness and an inflammatory response.The center of the abscess can liquefy accumulating dead white blood cells, bacteria, and cellular debris. As the grows, the abscess becomes bigger and more painful. Individuals with a weakened immune system my have a more difficult time fighting these infections. Examples of these conditions are : caner, HIV, chronic steroid consumption, inflammatory bowl syndrome, sickle cell disease, diabetes, and many more.

How is an abscess treated?

Your Bend Urgent Care physician will help determine the best course of action, but generally they require an I&D followed by antibiotics. Usually, the I&D procedure can be done right in the urgent care under local anesthesia and the doctor may decide to augment your antibiotic prescription with a shot of strong antibiotics that can help kick start the healing process. if you need abscess treatment, call us today at 541-388-7799.